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"Unearthing Matter" Dec. 2-Dec. 30, 2018 Price List

"Unearthing Matter" About the Artists


Water Kerner

Water Kerner received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from MICA 

(The Maryland Institute College of Art), where she was awarded the highly-coveted Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture Scholarship. At Skowhegan, Water’s talents were nurtured by a faculty of distinguished & luminary Contemporary Artists including: Francesco Clemente, Judy Pfaff, Mark di Suvero, Ed Moses, and William Wegman. Upon completion of the scholarship, Water was honored with the distinction of the “Skowhegan Sculptor Merit Award”.   

In 1992 she opened the pioneering studio L@it2’d (“Latitude”), known as the first company in California to create and deliver high resolution TV and Film digital content & motion graphics, utilizing cutting edge hardware and software on Apple computers. Lati2d garnered a myriad of awards and recognition over the 17 years Water acted as President, Director and Chief Artist/Designer for the company. Prestigious clients included: Sony Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, 20thCentury Fox, MGM, Microsoft, Virgin Records, Propaganda Films, David Fincher, Spike Jones, Jim Henson Company, AT&T, Disney Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, Discovery Channel, King World and Walt Disney Imagineering. 

Lati2d was also selected for inclusion in the Walter Annenberg USC Incubator program and 25 creative industry trophies grace Water’s mantle at home, including two prestigious CINE Golden Eagles and the NAFDMA (National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists) Insight Award.   

Since 2009 Water has continued to apply her visual talents creating sculptures and installations utilizing the magic of light, motion and/or sound in a 2000-ft. studio in Los Angeles. Her sculptures have been shown in many cities in the United States and Internationally. 


Louis Jacinto

Louis Jacinto began photographing in Los Angeles in 1975 and is noted for his iconic images of the Punk Rock music scene there during the late 1970s. 

His work with the East Los Angeles art collective ASCO was featured in the 2011 regional, multi-venue show, Pacific Standard Time: Art In Los Angeles 1945 – 1980.

Additional exhibition highlights include Jacinto's participation in three 2017 Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibitions, and in Axis Mundo, a survey of Queer Chicano artists in Los Angeles. He has served as co-curator for mulitple  shows relating to Latino artists.

For over 35 years, Jacinto has exhibited throughout the greater Los Angeles area, as well as throughout the US, and internationally. 








Karla Funderburk

My ceramic work evolved out of a renewed evaluation of my creative

process, my inner vision and my understanding of the universe as a whole. I have always been fascinated with science and our ever-expanding comprehension of the laws of our multiverse (String Theory, M-Theory and Multiple Universes). 

My ceramic forms are influenced by and reflect on these concepts, in particular, the Law of the Conservation of Energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed. These truths, along with my belief that we are all made of that same energy that is constantly transforming and redefining us, motivates and inspires my art and my life. As I embrace this multidimensional, multilayered universe, I recognize the infinite points of connections that unify all of us to everyone and everything. 

As we co-exist and consist of that same MATTER that binds us within this Universe, we breathe that same One Breath that weaves us all from that same One Whole.


Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson learned early to rely on his imagination during his childhood as a Navy brat, which required the family to move each year. Originally, he dreamed of becoming an actor or dancer. Since his father was a painter, and art supplies were readily available, his creativity soon found an outlet in his own paintings.

Johnson enjoys making happy, bold, colorful paintings, however, he continually returns to more somber images. In particular, he feels a kinship with the homeless and their plight, and by depicting them, and aspects of their lives, he validates their humanity. His recent series, Targets, focuses on police killings of innocent people, and the physical and spiritual destruction that results.

For more information about Walter Johnson's life and creative process, you can listen to his audio interview below.


Interview with Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson shares some of his life stories and his evolution as an artist.


Trazail Tucker


Now based in Los Angeles, Trazail Tucker was raised in Fort Worth, Texas. 

He discovered his talent as a visual artist while pursuing his degree at the 

University of Houston. He is widely known through the character 

“Tuck The Float”, which he created as an offbeat commentary on more conventional cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Spongebob Squarepants. 

Tucker mixes artistic styles, including Expression, Realism and others, using 

“Tuck the Float” as his main subject. Through this surrogate, and his use of color, texture and symbolism, Tucker channels narratives from the obstacles and complications of his life experience as an urban youth to his current struggles as a corporate American. 

In a short period Tucker’s work has appeared in group shows and is part of numerous private collections. Tucker continues to break through boundaries on his journey to become an artist who is known throughout the world.

More about trazail tucker