Client Testimonials


I cannot say enough about the excellent workmanship and dedication Karla has to her trade in woodworking and home projects. We initially hired Karla to remodel our large kitchen in an older home in Los Feliz--she gutted the entire space and worked with us on the new design. It turned out beautifully! She has since completed many other projects at our home and rental property. Karla takes great pride in her work. She is honest and pays attention to the smallest detail. I highly recommend her for any custom project.

-Sandy Lipki

We did two big renovation projects with Karla Funderburk and they’re now our favorite rooms in the house. Karla’s fine craftsmanship, exceptional taste, great organizational skills, budget conscientiousness, and generous spirit made for a smooth and all-around wonderful experience. 

-Denise Wingate and Alex Zamm

I’ve worked with Karla in various capacities over thirty years: in fact, I sleep in a custom bed that she built by hand that’s as true and strong as the day she delivered it. I can’t offer higher praise than to say I trust her implicitly. She’s that rarest of individuals in the world of construction and building: a person who lives with integrity and stands by her word. She is as kind, as thoughtful, and as honorable as they come. I’m proud to call her both a colleague and a friend.

-Mark Howell

Karla is an exceptional designer and contractor. She brings an artist’s eye and immense skill to her projects and carries them out beautifully and functionally. While we typically begin a project with our vision in mind, Karla’s designs always win because they are simply much better.

-Tom Smith and Ren Larison

Years ago Karla saved us from a disaster contractor, and we’ve been friends ever since. She is a woman of great integrity and kindness. We’d never start a project without first hearing her words of wisdom. 

-Heidi Levitt and Charlie Hess

Karla is a deeply creative and committed craftsperson. She has a unique way of helping you find solutions to design problems, that allows you to work with her as an artisan, even if you can barely hammer in a nail. She transformed the kitchen of our 1912 Craftsman into a work of art with warm wood cabinets and tiles. It is truly the center point of our house. She was a wonderful and patient collaborator who obviously had our best interests at heart, showing up every day--unlike most contractors--and doing most of the work herself. In short, Karla is a mentor, an artist and a collaborator. We are very impressed with her.

- Kent Beyda